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About The Pearl Guys

In our fourth decade of trading and collecting gemstones, the Pearl Guys love pearls more than all the other gems. We specialize in pearls, including creating and manufacturing our own pearl jewelry designs. In the last decade, we have supplied thousands of pearl necklaces to wholesalers and retailer across the country. You might be wearing one of our necklaces right now!

Pearls have often been considered a luxury only kings, queens, and the very rich could afford. We know better and want to bring our love of pearls to everyone. The Pearl Guys online store is designed to do that by offering great pearl jewelry for under $100.

We occasionally find special deals in the world of pearl trading, and we choose the best and bring them to you. These specials are almost always limited in quantity and sell out quickly, so check the Specials offerings often.

Pearl Guys also offers a limited number of one-of-a-kind designer or small-quantity exquisite pearl jewelry items. These items may include Tahitian pearls, South Seas pearls, or other rare and beautiful pearls. Look for them in the Exquisite Pearl Jewelry section.

If you have questions about pearls, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If you want more information, we highly recommend the books in our Learn About Pearls section. If you have a specific question about our products or are looking for a piece of pearl jewelry we aren't currently offering, please contact us.

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