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Welcome to The Pearl Guys

The Pearl Guys have been involved in the gemstone business for over thirty years and after buying and selling every type, size, and color gem from all over the world, we love pearls the most and want to share our love of pearls with everyone.

In the last decade, international pearl farmers have become much more skilled at culturing fine pearls at much lower costs. We see this as an opportunity to bring real pearls to everyone, not just the wealthy. Our pearl jewelry is designed to be fashionable and elegant. We think pearls should be worn not just to the opera or on your wedding day but also to work, shopping, and to all your social engagements. It is our plan with Pearl Guys to make this happen by offering you great pearl jewelry for under $100!

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  GO BAROQUE! 6 Feet of Pearls
  GO BAROQUE! 6 Feet Of Pearls
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  Bridal Pearls
  Great Simple Studs




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